U-PVC or PVC-U Windows Porches Double Glazed Sash Georgian Tilt and Turn Windows

Whether your house is traditional or modern, large or small, a town house, a bungalow or a cottage in the country, Eddisbury Construction has the PVC-U windows to complement your home perfectly.

Most of the benefits of PVC-U speak for themselves nowadays - no rotting or warping, minimum maintenance, enhanced security etc. - but Eddisbury Construction also offers you a wide range of styles. So whether you want windows that will blend in with the natural style of your home or make a statement in their own right, our web site contains just a taste of the styles available - and every one made and installed to the exacting standards that you come to expect from a first class company.

Now, with range and the assurances from Eddisbury Construction, backed by Independent Network, you need never compromise in choosing the very best looking windows and doors - and still look forward to a warm, draught free home with reduced heating bills and enhanced security.

Traditional or contemporary, grand or modest, in the heart of the town or out in the country; whatever your the individual character of you're home, a well chosen style of window will show it at its very best.

Eddisbury Construction is your local Independent Network member, we can help you choose from a massive array of styles, functions and finishes in PVC-U to find the one that is perfect for your home. You are assured of all the protection offered be Independent Network from the moment your order is registered. Read the Independent Network customer charter on the 'About Us' page.

White, wood grain, colours, casement, sash, tilt turn, leaded, Georgian or plain glass windows are just some of the choices available when choosing your new PVC-U windows. And the choices go far beyond what meets the eye! As well as the overall look, shape and finish, you have a variety of opening styles, you can choose even greater energy efficiency - and of course you can make them even more resistant to intruders. Weru windows and doors have over 150 years experience; with Weru you can rely on cutting edge technology, first class materials and a host of individual designs.

Window options explained; all styles can be personalised further with a wide range of colour options!

    A casement window is one where all or part of the window opens outward - this opening area is known as the 'sash'. Casement windows are the most popular in the UK.
    A vertical slider features to sashes which slide past each other and can also tilt inwards for ventaliation. This style is popular with period properties but they also look great on newer properties. Visit our Sash Windows page.
    The tilt and turn windows is a sash which opens in 2 ways; the whole of the window opens inwards for easy cleaning or choose to tilt the window inwards from the top to allow for secure ventilation.
    The opening sash on a Fully Reversible window can be turned completely inside out so that the outside pane of glass is on the inside. The mechanism is simple to use and also allows for varying degrees of ventilation as required.

Wood grain and Coloured Foils U-PVC Windows

If you prefer windows with a wood look, this is still possible with VEKA and Weru windows. All the styles are available both for inside and outside your house or office. This means you could have say, white windows on the outside and a beech finish on the inside to match your furniture - the possibilities are almost endless!

Some colour examples below:

The Hassle Free Buyers Guide to PVC-U Windows Conservatories Doors

Eddisbury Construction supplies two Hassle Free Buyers Guides compiled by Independent Network. One gives practical pointers for people buying PVC-U conservatories, and the other is about buying windows, doors and roofline products. Both these guides give good advice, facts and tips that keep you the customer in control at every stage.

The advice has been compiled from a number of industry experts on behalf of Independent Network, but is intended to be impartial, whoever you choose to carry out the work for you.