Weru Thermico Windows Bi-Folding Doors Conservatories in UPVC & Aluminium

Weru windows and doors is Europe's leading brand name, with Weru you're not only going for quality windows, you're also choosing a reliable company with a 150 years of manufacturing experience behind it. Partnered with Eddisbury construction's local service you can rely on cutting-edge technology, first-class materials, and a host of individual designs, perfect fitting and after-sales care. All these factors mean one thing: you can be certain that you're choosing what are probably the best windows in the market.

Weru windows are made by experts, using the latest manufacturing techniques and top-quality materials. They meet not only your requirements, but also your individual wishes. Weru windows are tailor-made, exactly according to your ideas, your building requirements and your personal wishes.

Weru Window Systems Thermico and Weru Secur - Security Windows

Weru windows have 3 systems of windows which gives you a huge choice. Window features such as security, noise reduction, or energy efficiency can be tailored for your particular requirement. Eddisbury Construction can discuss and recommend the correct type of window from Weru which will enhance and add value to your home. It would be impossible to list all the outstanding features of Weru Windows and Doors on one web page but to demonstrate German engineering at its very best we are going to focus on 2 features Thermico and Weru Secur.

Weru Thermico Energy Saving Windows

A completely new type of window, an ultra-modern material, a package of innovative features and a superior performance: Weru-Thermico - the energy saving window constructed from fibre reinforced high-tech material made in Germany.

Your Weru-Thermico windows:

  • Are made using the latest technology
  • Have a strength bordering on indestructibility
  • Demonstrate excellent heat insulation properties
  • Meet the planned European regulations of 2012, today
  • Have almost unlimited load bearing and weatherproofing properties
  • Stand for longevity pure, you have peace of mind for decades
  • Boast an extremely flat surface allowing for problem free and fast cleaning
  • Increase the value of your house through a unique technological advancement

The energy saver in the new Weru-Thermico window:

  • RAU-FIPRO┬«- the fibre reinforced high'tech material is completely new in window technology. It achieves extremely good thermal insulation values and the maximum in rigidity.
  • Therefore with the profile construction of the Weru-Thermico steel reinforcement is unnecessary, thereby removing a thermal bridge, which would have reduced the energy saving value.
  • With Weru-Thermico and triple glazing the warmth is retained in the room during the winter, allows the warmth of the sun into the house during spring and autumn, and in high summer works in conjunction with anti-sun glazing to protect from the heat.
  • Small width of frame increases the glass area allowing more light into the house and increasing passive solar gain.
  • With a profile depth of 86 mm a thermal insulating core can be inserted to increase further the insulating properties, up to Passivhaus standards.

Ask Eddisbury Constrution for more information about Weru-Thermico windows.

Weru-Secur - The ultimate in Window Security

Weru secur - the cable less monitoring system

Advantages over standard alarm systems:

  • Weru secur offers permanent security. The Weru secur module is active as soon as it is installed by the Weru expert.
  • When the window is closed, Weru secur monitors the window automatically.
  • You can at any time open or shut your window, without the fear of causing a false alarm.
  • No need for a key or to remember a combination.
  • With the exception of changing the batteries once every two years there is no maintenance required.
  • Two LEDs indicate if the window is closed correctly and that the alarm has been set. Therefore you are always sure that your window is really locked.

Alarm signal

If your window is broken through, a very loud, high pitched tone is emitted from the handle alarm unit. The circa 85 dB noise can be heard over two floors, through 4 closed doors and naturally outside the house. The alarm continues for around two minutes. Inside this time frame the alarm cannot be deactivated. If the window is closed properly within the two minutes, the alarm stops automatically.

In Germany, a house is broken into almost every two minutes. The German authorities record around 300,000 burglaries every year. The preferred targets are not just opulent villas, but also include apartments and standard family houses. The preferred points of entry for detached and terraced houses are patio and balcony doors and ground floor windows. That's why Weru have designed a range of innovative products to protect your home.

As well as Weru-Secur described above options include a glass breaker sense, toughened security glass, laminated security glass and 3 levels of hardware for the window frames. Eddisbury construction can talk through your concerns and recommend the correct level of security for your application.

Weru Bi-folding Doors - Folding Sliding Doors

A bi-folding system from Weru opens up your house to nature. Gardens, terraces, balconies and conservatories become a perfectly natural part of your living space by means of modern design and large door openings. Generously dimensioned, folding sliding constructions allow light, air and sun to stream into the house on those pleasant sunny days. They are the ideal interface between the inside and the outside: whether as an elegant, easily accessible connection from the house into the open air or as an unobtrusive room partition.

  • Smooth 3-chamber profiles are robust and easy to join
  • Wide choice of colours, different colours inside and outside
  • Suitable for use on public and residental property
  • Weather rating up to class 9A in accordance with DIN EN 12208, dependent on design
  • Glazing thickness of 6-45 mm can be used
  • Sound insulation up to sound insulation class 4 possible
  • Folding units move smoothly and quietly
  • Option of flush threshold profile, e. g. for business centres

Weru has a range of products (below) to choose from, let Eddisbury construction give you the correct advice on the materials and specifications for your particular requirements. We can provide a no obligation quote and design service.

Windows made from PVCU or aluminium as well as aluminium clad PVCU

Roller-shutter windows with or without motorisation and fly screens

Balcony doors and terrace doors with various opening configurations

Front doors made from aluminium and PVCU

Canopies with roofs of varied shapes and colours

The TECTOLA aluminium system, usable as patio roofing or carports

The Hassle Free Buyers Guide to PVC-U Windows Conservatories Doors

Eddisbury Construction supplies two Hassle Free Buyers Guides compiled by Independent Network. One gives practical pointers for people buying PVC-U conservatories, and the other is about buying windows, doors and roofline products. Both these guides give good advice, facts and tips that keep you the customer in control at every stage.

The advice has been compiled from a number of industry experts on behalf of Independent Network, but is intended to be impartial, whoever you choose to carry out the work for you. Contact and we will gladly pop one or both guides in the post for you.