Customer Charter

  1. Our Ten-year Insurance Backed Guarantee* on every Network VEKA registered installation… assuring you of complete peace of mind from the moment you request your guarantee
  2. Our Deposit and Staged Payment Protection Guarantee** on every deposit paid and/or staged payment made on every Network VEKA registered installation, where your installer asks for a deposit or staged payments. (Be sure to complete your Deposit Protection and Staged Payment Guarantee request form) ...backed by an insurance policy in our name
  3. Your installation company's own Product Guarantee of up to ten years, that tells you exactly how your installation and its components are covered if it is maintained within the company's Terms and Conditions... you wouldn't expect any less
  4. Every Network VEKA installer and surveyor will be trained to our strict standards... ensuring every installation is up to our specification
  5. Every Network VEKA registered installation complies with all Building and Fire Regulations... keeping you on the right side of the law
  6. Every Network VEKA customer receives a confidential Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire... to make sure we know every member gets it right every time
  7. Every PVC-U frame in a Network VEKA registered installation is made using extrusions from VEKA plc... your assurance of world-beating quality at the heart of every frame
  8. Every PVC-U frame in a Network VEKA registered installation is manufactured by an approved Network VEKA manufacturer member… assuring you an unbroken chain of quality from factory to your home
  9. Every employee who visits you must carry a current Network VEKA Identity Card, with photograph... so you can be sure they are who they say they are
  10. Every member company has been vetted for financial stability before we even allow them to join Network VEKA... we make sure we trust them before we ask you to.

* The Network VEKA Insurance Backed Guarantee and Deposit and Staged Payment Protection Guarantees are guarantees given by us and backed by insurance policies in our name, covering our liabilities under our guarantees.

** Our Insurance Backed Guarantees are subject to certain limits and conditions, full details of which are available on request from your Network VEKA installer or by telephoning 01282 473170 The certificate holder is liable for the first £100/€150 of any claim under Insurance Backed Guarantee.