Ultraframe Windows and Doors Composites Bi-Fold Doors

More and more people are waking up to the beauty and style of composite windows and doors. They're the ultimate in affordable luxury; a real design statement to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Eddisbury construction is one of a nationwide network of approved installers of Ultraframe composites windows and doors. Whether for a new self-build project/home or simply where the tired existing windows are about to be replaced, composite replacement windows and doors brings class, stunning looks and performance to your home.

Composite Windows and Doors from Ultraframe

Some composite window and door systems are mainly wood with just a thin strip of aluminium applied on top. This can leave your windows and doors vulnerable to the elements. Not so with Ultraframe Composites - their composite window and door systems are mainly aluminium, providing strength and durability where they're most needed: around the locks and hinges.

Before final assembly, the timber becomes an integral part of the system, with the final assembly connecting both materials independently. They also insert preformed insulated foam around the sections to provide a lower U-value (a better thermal performance) not only to comply with Building Regulations but also to make your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible.

Colour and material options are vast, internally you can choose different timber finishes in differing rooms or order your frames pre-primed ready to receive your own decoration. Externally, powder coated aluminium is used and available in a wide range of colours from traditional white and black, to browns, reds and blues! Never before has there been so much choice and customisation available in window and door design.

Composite Front Doors and Bi-Folding Doors Patio/French Doors

Selecting the right style of door to make the grand entrance or maximising security to the side or rear of your home is a major decision. All shop fronts are made from aluminium because of the strength, durability and security it provides. Now you can have that same level of security for your home without compromising on design. Combining this technology with the beauty of wood not only means your home will look great, you and your family will be safe.