PVC-U UPVC Roofline Products Soffits Fascias Bargeboards Guttering Macclesfield & Congleton Cheshire

Why spend your valuable time in a constant cycle of maintenance? - With Eddisbury Construction fitted Roofline products you simply fit and forget. Our soffits, fascias, guttering and bargeboards are very low maintenance.

The existing timber around your roofline may not win much of your attention, but it can be a real headache when it starts to deteriorate. It can take up too much of your hard earned cash and free time with the constant round of treating and repainting.

Give Eddisbury Construction a call and enquire about how you can bring the same long-life, low-maintenance and crisp good looks of PVC-U to this important part of you home. This can reclaim your weekends for you.

Similarly, any house with external timber cladding, for example on gables or between bay windows, can soon begin to look shabby once the wood is a little past its best. PVC-U cladding is not only made to withstand the elements, but with just the occasional wipe down, will retain its sparkling "as new" good looks for many years to come.

  • Durable and weather resistant materials
  • Low maintenance
  • Won't rot, flake or peel
  • Eco-friendly technology
  • Expert installation and after care
  • 10 year Independent Network guarantee
  • Includes fascias, soffits, guttering and cladding
  • Skilled installation and aftercare service