GRP Sectional & Up and Over Garage Doors Remote Control Macclesfield & Congleton Cheshire

A garage door is normally the biggest single moving object in your house. It is vital when specifying a new garage door that you are assured of the safety of the product you are installing, and that the mechanism chosen can operate well and safely in your home.

Eddisbury Construction is part of nationwide network of registered Garador installers. Garador based in Yeovil, Somerset has the most advanced up and over garage door facility in the industry. Eddisbury can supply, and maintain, a wide variety of door types. Including sectional doors and traditional up and over garage doors in a variety of materials, including steel, timber and GRP, with a complete range of standard and special sizes and colours. You can be reassured that all Garador products fully conform to British Standard and European legislation on safety in use. By choosing a Garador product, you are choosing the safest option available to you and your family.

Sectional Garage Doors

Garador sectional garage doors have many benefits over traditional up and over doors. Where limited drive space is a problem, sectional garage doors are the perfect choice as they open and shut vertically, allowing cars to park within inches of the door without impairing functionality. Sectional doors do not take up as much room when opened. This leaves more height in the garage, making them a popular choice for 4x4s and other tall cars. All of our sectional garage doors are covered with a comprehensive ten year warrantee.

Up and Over Garage Doors

Garador provide traditional up and over garage doors that are made from timber, steel and glass reinforced polyester (GRP). Each of these three materials has its own benefits: the steel up and over doors are robust and give great value for money; timber doors are well insulated and have an appealing look; GRP up and over garage doors are extremely low maintenance offering a timber effect without the maintenance of real wood, which makes them a perfect long term solution.

Steel Up and Over Garage Door.

Timber Up - Over Garage Door

GRP Garage Door

Remote Control Garage doors

A Garador automatic operator has to be the ultimate luxury accessory for your garage door and they are much more affordable than you might think! On a cold, wet, windy day, one of the last things you want to do is leave the warmth and comfort of your car to open the garage door. With a remote control system, you can open the door by remote control, drive into a well-lit garage and close the door behind you - all from the comfort of your car.

All Garador operators come as standard with two hand transmitters. For additional safety and security, hand transmitters select a code from more than 1 billion possibilities.

Steel Up and Over Garage Door.

Timber Up - Over Garage Door

GaraMatic 7 and 9
Both the GaraMatic 7 and 9 electric door operators have a belt driven mechanism which is compatible with all current Garador Up & Over and Sectional garage doors. The motor unit has a streamlined plastic cover and, in the event of power failure, the Auto Expert can be overridden manually.

GaraMatic 10
The GaraMatic 10 operator is an ideal match for your Garador Up & Over or Sectional garage door. A toothed belt mechanism is employed for super smooth and quiet operation, enhanced by 'soft' start and 'soft'stop. Intelligent electronics in the GaraMatic operators automatically adjust the unit to your specific garage door on first-time opening and closing. This removes the need for painstaking manual adjustment. GaraMatic operators also require no greasing or oiling, leaving nothing to drip onto the roof of your car.

GaraMatic 20
The GaraMatic 20 operator is our most powerful automatic operator for use with older style garage doors or in extreme circumstances.