UPVC or U-PVC Doors Porches Front Patio Residential Composite

The door to the house or the door to your porch is the first part of your home to be seen by visitors, so you want to make a good impression. With a vast range of styles and effects we are sure to have something for every house.

Whenever you prefer PVC-U or advanced composite materials, you can not only select a finish that matches your windows or conservatory but you can also enjoy the same life expectancy, enhanced security and weather resistance that you come to expect from PVC-U windows. The same materials, technology, versatility and good looks can also be applied to any other door in your home, especially with sliding patio doors or hinged French doors.

Dark woodgrain effect PVC-U (PVCU) Front Door.

Light wood grain effect PVC-U (PVCU) Front door with porch.

PVC-U (PVCU) Front door with decorative glass inserts.

The pictures above and below give a small taste of the wide range of styles available. You can choose from brilliant white or a variety of wood grain finishes in a range of designs to suit any home. Then you can add the finishing touch with a number of glazing styles such as opaque or patterned glass, or coloured, leaded or bevelled effects.

PVC-U (PVCU) White back Door.

PVC-U (PVCU) white front door inside view.

PVC-U (PVCU) wood grain effect front door with decorative glass inserts.

From stylish upvc front doors to the huge variety of conventional residential doors, the potential has never been greater for technically advanced doors made popular by modern materials.

Door Definitions:

    PVC-U doors are made from panals of PVC-U ad areas of glazing which sits in a PVC-U frame. A wide choice of style options and door combinations are possible. All our PVC-U doors are bespoke so you can choose a combination of glass and other options to truly create a door that is unique to you!
    French doors are distinguished by doors which fully open outwards - rather like casement windows, hence why you may also know them as casement doors. They are typically found on the rear of a home, linking a dining or family room to the garden.
    Patio doors feature a fixed pane and a large sliding panel which opens to leave half of the total area open. Also known as In-line Sliding Patio Door; they allow maximum light into your home and bring a sense of space.
    Bi-fold doors fold back towards the wall to completely open up the space in which they are installed.
    A composite door as the name suggests, is a door made up of several different materials - a composite material sub frame suupported by timber stiffeners and pressure filled with energy efficient foam, all encased in a surface material of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic).

Composite Doors

More and more people are waking up to the beauty and style of composite windows and doors. They're the ultimate in affordable luxury; a real design statement to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Composite doors combine the beauty of wood with the strength and security of aluminium. Visit our Ultraframe Composites page for more information: their composite window and door systems are mainly aluminium.

The Hassle Free Buyers Guide to PVC-U Windows Conservatories Doors

Eddisbury Construction supplies two Hassle Free Buyers Guides compiled by Independent Network. One gives practical pointers for people buying PVC-U conservatories, and the other is about buying windows, doors and roofline products. Both these guides give good advice, facts and tips that keep you the customer in control at every stage.

The advice has been compiled from a number of industry experts on behalf of Independent Network, but is intended to be impartial, whoever you choose to carry out the work for you. Contact us and we will gladly pop one or both guides in the post for you.