Conservatories Orangery Bespoke - Edwardian Victorian or Lean to Conservatory

A PVC-U conservatory is probably the most versatile room space you will ever own - versatile in the many ways you can design it, but also in the uses you can put it to. Will it be a dining room, playroom, study, gym, games room or just a place to relax? It may be a special place where you bring the garden into your home, and watch the changing seasons - the choice is yours.

There are a wide range of styles to choose from including L-shaped, P-shaped, Edwardian, Victorian and many more. Traditional homes may suit Edwardian conservatories or Victorian conservatory styles, but Independent Network installers can also design bespoke creations to ensure you get your dream conservatory - to enjoy for years to come.

The basic conservatory styles:

    The simplest and most popular form of conservatory, sometimes known as a sunroom. A single sloped roof running along the length of an external house wall.
    The Classic rectangular design of Edwardian syle conservatories allows the optimum use of space. A ridged roof system ensures symmetry of design.
    This design comes with a ridged roof and a three or five faceted end wall creating a half rounded feature. This unusual aspect makes the external design of Victorian style conservatories attractive but can slightly restrict the layout of furniture internally.
    If your budget will stretch to it you can create your perfect conservatory by designing the shape to suit your needs.
    Lantern top roofs offer an elegant, classic look for larger conservatories. The roof consists of two tiers with the different levels separated by a row of small windows. This style gives a conservatory real 'presence' and adds to the feeling of spaciousness.

A conservatory is a struture comprising at least 75% translucent materail in the roof and at least 50% translucent materail in the wall area. Conservatory roofs can be glazed with either glass or polycarbonate and the sides can be full height windows or can feature windows set on top of a small wall, known as a dwarf wall.

Dark woodgrain effect PVC-U (PVCU) Conservatory Victorian Style. Extension to a bungalow.

White PVC-U (PVCU) Conservatory T Shape Style. Set on dwarf wall. Extension to a detached house.

Dark woodgrain effect PVC-U (PVCU) Conservatory, example of a P Shape Conservatory.

White PVC-U (PVCU) Conservatory, Edwardian style features. Designed to suit the space.

Many of our conservatories are based on a certain design, but are custom built to your specification and expectations. Our designers will work closely with you at the planning stage to create the design that you desire, regardless of the use your new conservatory is to be put to. Let Eddisbury Construction show you how to turn any number of variations into a creation that is truly individual to you, and reflects your own character as well as that of your house. We will advise on all the finishing touches from floor tiles to furnishings, guiding you safely through the whole process.

The Hassle Free Buyers Guide to PVC-U Windows Conservatories Doors

Eddisbury Construction supplies two Hassle Free Buyers Guides compiled by Independent Network. One gives practical pointers for people buying PVC-U conservatories, and the other is about buying windows, doors and roofline products. Both these guides give good advice, facts and tips that keep you the customer in control at every stage.

The advice has been compiled from a number of industry experts on behalf of Independent Network, but is intended to be impartial, whoever you choose to carry out the work for you. Contact us and we will gladly pop one or both guides in the post for you.